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Seed & Fertilizer

If you'd like to pick up your seed or chemical first thing in the morning, just call us at 806-637-4517. We will be able to meet you at the south gate to the seed and chemical barn as early as 7 am.

Jimmy Shaver
Agronomy Dept Manager
cell (806) 891-3300
office (806) 637-4517

Crop Seeds

We know that when it comes to deciding on the perfect crop market for your business, you have several options.  Our goal is to help you make that decision while saving you money.  Call or come by to let us assist you in finding exactly what you need.

Cotton Seed

Forage Seed

Bulk Fertilizer

Brownfield Farmers Coop is your one-stop shop for all your spring and summer fertilizers!

Call us today to make sure that you get the right blend for your land and the most for your money.  Let us form a custom blend to meet your specific soil sample.

When you order your fertilizer, we will bring it right to the field, no matter the size of your load.  We currently have two 25-ton semi-trailer tenders, a 15-ton bobtail tender truck, and nine 5-ton ground-drive spreaders.  Contact us for current prices and spreader availability.

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